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I have 2 dogs, 2 children and a husband, all qualifying for pet status IMHO! The dogs are poodles. Wolfgang, the eldest at 5 and Ruby who is 3. We have had Wolfgang since he was a puppy. He was a great starter dog! He is mellow (for a poodle) and has a wonderful personality. He loves everyone !

Ruby we got from Connecticut Poodle Rescue in December 06. She is a piece of work and we have lots of things to work through mostly involving barking and calming herself down. She likes most people but prefers DD and myself above all.

DH is a network engineer and I have a very small business as a gardener. Yup, people pay me to weed their gardens (it's very glamorous). I only have a few clients but does allow me to support my gardening habit. My garden is my obsession and my dogs are my sanity.

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